Workers' Comp

Treasure Coast Orthopaedic Associates, P.A., (TCOA) offers a specialized Workers' Compensation program to help employers minimize lost time, protect the employees from injury and safely rehabilitate and return the employee to work in a timely manner. We strive to reduce both medical costs and time lost from work, while providing excellent medical care to the injured worker. We know that accessibility and communication are critical to the successful treatment and rehabilitation of your injured employee.

We have a certified expert medical advisor, Dr. Paul J. Mondo on staff. We will adhere to all of the Florida Guidelines and provide the patient with an appropriate MMI status.

TCOA's approach is to work closely with employers, occupational medicine clinics, case managers, adjustor, and insurance companies to provide prompt and conservative treatment, appropriate medical management, and effective communications. In fact, our incomparable service, support, and communication have earned us a reputation of being the leading orthopaedic workers' comp provider of the Treasure Coast.
At TCOA, we take pride in our success with workers' comp patients. Whether employee needs immediate treatment, a one-time change, an impairment rating, or an independent medical examination (IME), TCOA offers the most comprehensive range of general orthopaedic services on the Treasure Coast. When it is time for your employee to go back to work, we will provide the  DWC-25 at the time of the appointment and again when we fax the notes to the  workers' comp adjustor. We will specify all work restrictions, prescriptions and testing that needs to be done at the time of check-out, and it will be  faxed immediately to Workers' Compensation.
TCOA has a modified duty philosophy. Our goal is to get the patient back to work as soon as possible.

 TCOA was represented with a booth at the 65th Annual
Workers' Compensation Educational Conference
& 22nd Annual Safety and Health Conference in Orlando


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